2020 will go down in history as the year of the Covid Pandemic. The World Health Organisation declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern in January. By March, they were calling it a Pandemic, and it was then that the Lockdown began. Some of these images reflect small parts of that huge reality. I remember the deserted streets, the pictures of rainbows, and the weird feeling of being in a disaster movie. Mostly however, this is a more personal Review of 2020. I take photographs to make sure that I notice as much as I can of the amazing, ordinary wonders of our world. It’s those which keep us alive.

                                      BLOGGING allowed me to think about and write about an often difficult year.

Some days were just perfect. Jan 2020, on the Law



                                                                  Frozen leaves in Dudhope Park, Jan 20th, 2020


                                                                          Lightship, Dundee docks, Jan 5th 2020


                                 McManus Galleries on the right, and D.C. Thomson’s in the centre, Feb 10th 2020


                                                                         Coldside Library, February 25th 2020


                                                   Dundee city centre, through a rainy bus window, March 2020


                                                                        Isobel’s mum, Marion, March 13th , 2020


                                                                        Near the top of the Law, March 15th, 2020


                                                                  Nergal, my constant companion, April 5th, 2020   


                                                                                 Dundee, April 13th, 2020


                                                                   Isobel at the ‘Swannie Ponds’, April 15th, 2020


                                                                              Nergal in a tree, May 20th 2020


                                                         Lockdown beside the Howff, Dundee, May 24th 2020


                                                                                     Isobel Duke, June 2020


                                                                          Looking over the River Tay, July 2020


                                                      In Community Garden at Ninewells Hospital, July 5th, 2020


                                                          In Community Garden at Ninewells Hospital, July 5th, 2020


                                                                   Through the blue door, at Edzell, July 26th 2020


                                                                              Craigtoun Park, Fife, Aug 1st 2020

                                                                          Pictish stone, Aberlemno, Aug 1st 2020


                                               September 2020: Demonstration in support of Debora Kayembe


                    In October 2020, I was shortlisted for the Chaffinch Press literary prize, for my book: ‘Hunted like a Fox


                                                                       Broughty Ferry Beach, Nov 2020


                                                                                         December 25th, 2020


Harvey Duke



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