Phototherapy 40

I don’t usually introduce any of these ‘Phototherapy’ posts. Here, as it is the 40th such post, I’ll make an exception and say a few words. Since the first in my ‘Phototherapy’ series, in January 2019, I’ve posted around 400 photographs. Some are in colour, others in black-and-white; all were taken by me for the main reason I take photographs: to help me to notice and appreciate the world around me. So, most of the images are of places and people in Dundee. I came up with the series title as ‘Phototherapy’ because that seems to describe the effect taking photographs has on the way I feel. It is a kind of therapy. Noticing, making, sharing. It’s a way of connecting.

I have a distant past which involved learning photography on a training scheme; and later employment as a Project Leader in Dundee Photography Workshop, a community project I started in the 1980s. When that closed as a result of cutbacks, I gave up taking photographs for a few years. It was digital photography, and especially phone-cameras which reminded me how much I enjoyed making pictures. Although I once taught Art as a Youth Worker, and I occasionally doodle, I never considered myself to be an artist. The most I would say about the images I make with a camera is: they are more than doodles, but not as skilled as I hope my writing is becoming. Still, I’m proud of some of the photographs I take. It’s fun.

Harvey Duke



The shoe tree

A leaf in Dudhope Park

Entrance & Exit

Old lampost

The long path

Path to nowhere


Tree on a wave

Light on grass

No one


1 thought on “Phototherapy 40

  1. life as you took it in frame and perused by others who would all make their own perspective on it.. to evoke memories to take us back in time or project us into the future.. who knows as all up to the individual.. a different day might give a different meaning and trigger different senses… thank you for sharing..


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