Hunting Spies

There’s a type of spy whose speciality is spying upon, and often trying to undermine or wreck – organisations the rest of us may support. These spies act on behalf of the few against the many. They attack – trade unionists, socialists, grassroots Scottish Independence activists, environmentalists, unemployed and disability activists, and even people trying to save their library from closure. Why? Well, there are big business owners and politicians who cannot bear the thought of any opposition to their greed and their policies. And when these few clash with the many, sometimes the few send spies into our campaigns and communiities, and into our lives: to spy, plot, and wreck.

Luckily for the vast majority, there is huge opposition in society to big business greed, reactionary politicians, and their pet spies. Undercover police are opposed by the Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance. The shadowy blacklisters are opposed by the Blacklist Support Group. And a few very dedicated investigators are working hard to uncover who the spies are and what they are up to. These investigators include Rob Evans, Spinwatch, the Undercover Research Group, Craig Murray, Kit Klarenberg, and for the last decade – myself.

In an interview piece on the Sputnik website, I am interviewed by Kit Klarenberg about one spy network I have uncovered and studied since 2010. This is the first major published piece about it. It is an interesting story. You can read it here.

I do not know how much more work I can do myself in the field of Investigative Journalism, but there is more to tell. I have stories about dirty tricks in Scotland which must be told, and I am determined that they will be. It has been a long, tiring quest, sometimes a bit scary, with a few threats along the way. Yet, this is a good result. I look forward to sharing other stories as soon as I can.

Harvey Duke

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