Works in Progress


I have written a novel about people struggling against poverty. On 19th May 2020 the manuscript was sent to a literary agent for consideration.


In April 2020, I began work on a sequel to HUNTED LIKE A FOX. I aim to complete BASED ON A TRUE STORY by early 2021.

The Spirit Of Imagination


For several years, I’ve been an avid reader of novels, short stories and poetry. When I was at University, 25 years ago, I won a Philosophy prize for an essay about Aesthetics, which had some of my views on literature. Besides writing a few poems for anthologies, and Blogposts where I praise this or that book or writer, I’ve said very little publicly about my passion for literature. Yet, very gradually, within a life devoted to fighting campaigns and helping people in dire need, I set aside more and more time to explore the background music to my life: imaginative literature. I developed a few original ideas about the role of imagination in literature, and I began to organise my research around these ideas – exploring the lives and works of eight writers and varied ideas about creativity from studies of: psychology, philosophy, language, and a wider look at the history of literature.

In The Spirit of Imagination, I explore the role of imagination within some of the literary works of the following selection of writers: click on a name for Links to basic information on each writer.

This is a long-term project. When I have a timescale for publication, I will announce the details in this Blog.

The Enigma of Knowing

How do we know anything? This question has fascinated many people over many centuries: philosophers, artists, writers, and scientists. It’s long had a firm hold on my thoughts. I first began to systematically study it by reading Epistemology (the theory of knowledge) at the University of Dundee.

In this book, I will examine what we mean by knowledge in different contexts. It will be a series of linked essays.

I’m interested in the views of readers of this Blog on any issues which I aim to explore in this book. If you want to make any comments, suggest books or articles to read, or ask questions, please use the CONTACT page; or you can email me directly at:


Harvey Duke

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